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Coffee, or the lack thereof

But just look at this perfection!

Owing to a pretty mundane series of events (nothing to write home about anyway), I have not had coffee for four whole days now.

That’s, like, a record.

Now initially, I had a caffeine withdrawal headache for about a day, on my first day without coffee. I just couldn’t find the time to go to my favorite coffee shop, much to the chagrin of my addicted brain, so I’m pretty sure that the tiny engineer in my head was throwing a little temper tantrum, like a toddler deprived of sugar, banging on the side of my head walls and screaming until hoarse.

Or maybe it was just another polluted high-pressure weather system in good ol’ Bakersfield.


In either case, the pounding stopped the next day. And ever since then, I’ve felt…



Not beholden to chemical comfort. A little less antsy too.

Will I keep it up? Perhaps make coffee an occasional treat instead of a daily necessity? Caress the sweet foam of a vanilla latte with gentle kisses from my lips on a rare day of splurge, as opposed to greedily guzzling the gastronomic gasoline on the daily?

I guess it’s too soon to tell. Humans are so wishy-washy.

But I’m honestly liking the results so far.

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